Writing a book is a long, time-consuming (sometimes soul-consuming) process. And only YOU can do it.

But that's really just the beginning. After you've written it, you still have so much to do - sometimes you need it typed into the computer; you need a cover, you should have a professional edit it, and then the actual process of publishing it - whether it's e-publishing, hard copy publishing, or both.

But before the publicity and marketing...

While our focus is on publicity and marketing your book, Author's Herald has a range of talented, professional staff in other areas, as well - including those who help you get your book ready for publishing. In some cases, even after it's been published, you may decide that it could use some refinement - via some fresh eyes editing your project for a re-print or digital re-release; or perhaps an e-pub expert making cerain that your newest version available is formatted properly, with a TOC or Index that jumps to the right page when a chapter/topic is selected.

For these reasons, we offer our services both for the unpublished work and works that have already been published but you decide they aren't quite up to your standards.

We have experts in the areas you need, whether it's Editing, E-Publishing, Hard Publishing, Cover Design, or even Typing/Transcribing.

Should I Redo My Work?

Often, the answer is NO - if it's already done, the person/company who did it probably did a fine job. However, one of the biggest comments we see about self-published work isn't the story itself, but the editing and/or formatting. Even if the story is great, bad editing, typographical errors, and bad formatting can jar someone out of the story - and that's annoying to readers.

How does it benefit me?

  • A well edited book typically brings your Average Amazon rating up by a full star;
  • You can still sell any earlier copies, or even give them away as promos, mentioning that any new ones bought have had some minor changes;
  • Perhaps the cover isn't all you hoped it would be - and people do judge a book by its cover;
  • You want people to talk about the content of your book - not the errors;
  • Complaints about editing/typos/bad formatting DO negatively affect your sales;

Finally, it's nice to have a book that is not only the best story you can write, but one which is devoid of small errors - it just FEELS good.

Typing Transcribing


So, you're not much of a typist, eh? Or perhaps you're just not good with a computer. We can take your manuscript from any form - handwritten, typed, voice dictated, etc - to a nice, polished digital document, ready for whatever publishing method you choose.



Either our in-house graphic designer or a number of external artists are available to give you the best cover, back, and/or spine art for your budget.



Our in-house professional editor will go through your book, finding any errors you may have missed in grammar, typography, and more.



We can e-pub your book so that it appears in numerous popular markets (not just Amazon). Print is NOT dead - for your physical publishing needs, we have a couple options for you in that respect as well.


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  • Writing
  • Preparation
  • Publishing
  • Publicity

Writing a book is tough enough. I know. I've tried it. It wasn't pretty. But what I CAN do is help those that actually HAVE the talent for writing, I can help them share it with the world. THAT, I can do.
Francis B - Company CEO