1) Any digital resource created by Author's Herald (for example, websites, social media accounts, etc) are done as a service; we will not retain ownership of said digital resources, unless:

a) The client has ended the partnership with Author's Herald on poor terms (i.e. with an unpaid balance for services provided)

b) The client did not retain services for a minimum of one (1) calendar year. If this is the case, the client may purchase the website for a small fee (this fee will be 30% of the remaining year's service fees). Social media sites do not have this requirement - any social media site login/password will be given to the client within five (5) business days of termination of services unless there is an outstanding balance due. Alternatively, the client may choose to have Author's Herald continue to host the website for $15 per month. Or, the client may instead request the domain name only be transferred to them; this may be done for a $50 service charge; they must have a hosting provider ready and handle the transfer themselves - Author's Herald will unlock the domain name for the transfer when requested and the fee has been paid.

2) Author's Herald will send out messages (digital and physical) and otherwise act on behalf of the client. In most cases, Author's Herald will do so in the name of the agency, specifying we act on behalf of the client/author as their representative. However, in certain circumstances it may be best to send it out AS the author/client. Should one of these situations occur, we will contact and receive permission from the author/client, preferably via e-mail (to have documentation).

3) While Author's Herald will strive to increase your sales by marketing and publicity via various channels using our years of experience and gathered contacts, different clients will have differing sucess levels. We can not guarantee that an individual client will have the same level of success as any other specific case; we can guarantee only that we are doing what we promised. Results on any specific level are not guaranteed due to the variegated nature of each individual project, the quality of the work being promoted, and many other factors beyond our control.

4) If you choose to cancel within the first month, your first month's regular fee will be returned, plus a percentage of your set-up fee, based on how much work had already been completed on your project at that time.

5) Author's Herald never retains any rights to your book. If you utilize any of our publishing services, you are always the controller, with Author's Herald retaining no financial or other interest in the project, and no control over how you choose to utilize it. Any book publishing will be done with you as the controlling contact.

6) Websites included in the Basic, Silver, and Gold packages are created from templates available for your evaluation and selection. These sites are limited to three pages. If a different website layout is preferred, or more pages to be added, they can be done so at an additional cost.

7) It is understood that the client holds all rights to the book they contract Author's Herald for. Any copyright issues are solely the responsibility of the client, and not Author's Herald.

8) Author's Herald will not engage in any misleading or deceptive marketing strategies regarding the nature, availability, nor the status of client's book.

9) Author's Herald may terminate the agreement at any time. Should Author's Herald do so within the first year, a full refund of the setup fee will be made no matter how much progress had been made, as well as the most recent month's payment.