We love books. All of us. There is not one of us who comes into the office without a book on him/her for reading during downtime, lunch, waiting at stoplights on the commute, or whenever. Most of us have been reading for pleasure since before we can remember, and some have published their own books or short stories. For all of us, this is a job about our passion, where we have a chance to make a difference in this literary world that we love. There is nothing better than having a chance to sit down and read a new author's work, knowing that we are going to be helping them reach the audience that will best appreciate their words.

We are so happy to be here, and we look forward to welcoming you to our family of authors.

Working with us

One point of contact. When you work with the Author's Herald, you will be assigned a single contact - your Concierge - who will know you by name when you call, what your book is about, where your project is right now, what's been done already with it, what is in the works for it, and everything else they need to know to make it succeed.

A team of experts. While you have just one point of contact that you will deal with directly, your concierge has the resources of a whole team of experts in various areas who he directs on your behalf. Each one is expert in their field or area, and handles your project in a manner calculated to get you the best exposure possible.


We have been heralding new authors since 2008, but most of our staff has been in the industry for even longer than that. A diverse array of talent onboard includes editors, PR managers, general publicists, copy writers, reviewers, and even authors. The Author's Herald was formed because of a love for books that has been the foundation for a complete way of living beyond just a professional interest.

Why Author's Herald?

  • We love books and want to help you;
  • You will have a single point of contact who knows who you are;
  • Our products and services are priced to be attainable by most authors;
  • While your concierge manages your project, he leads a team of professionals in different areas;
  • Our staff includes a very diverse array of talent for making your book visible;
  • We genuinely WANT your book to succeed.

You've done your part. You've written the words. Now it's time to get the word out - and that's OUR part.

Some publicists will tell you, 'I literally wrote the book on book marketing' - and will often then try to sell you that book. I did NOT write the book on book marketing. I read it. And most of the others as well. You get more perspective, that way.
Francis B - Company CEO