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Only if you want it to succeed.

The fact is, no matter how good your story is, your writing is, your characters are... no matter how good it all comes together... if people don't know it exists, they simply won't buy it. You can't buy something if you don't even know it's out there. And you can't just hope they'll 'find it' or 'stumble across it' - there's literally millions of books out there, waiting to be found. It's up to you (or to us) to get your name out there in front of your potential readers.

The simple answer is, for as long as you want it to sell.

People need to hear about your book not just today, because they may not be listening. Not just tomorrow, because they may be busy. Today, tomorrow, next week, next month. That’s how marketing works. It’s a constant stream, because you never know when your next customer/reader is going to notice the message you’ve been trying to put in front of them. It’s an ongoing, evolving process..

We can give an almost unconditional YES to that. We cannot, however, quantify it. Much depends on your book – the quality, the genre, the timing, and thousands of other factors beyond anyone’s control. What’s important is that people have a chance to hear about it.

As mentioned earlier - people can't buy your book if they don't even know it exists - and that's the important part of what we do.

Well, we're not going to stop you. However, as mentioned above, marketing a book is an ongoing, evolving process. It takes time to learn how to do it properly, and it takes time simply to do it.

We all stick with our strengths. Sometimes, even if you know HOW to do something, it's worth it in terms of time saved to let someone who does it better, more effeciently, to handle it for you. Plus, we have years of experience here, contacts we've cultivated over time, and so much more.

Your website and any other social media accounts belong to YOU - we only manage them for you. If at any time you cancel your service, any digital assets (websites, social media accounts, etc.) in your name are transferred to you - intact, as they currently are, with no changes. Some exceptions apply, see Legal page for details.

Ultimately, this is still your book, your project. Some things we genuinely can't do for you, some things we can't do as well as you could.

When it's time for these things to be done, we will let you know. Obviously, if an interview is arranged, you'll have to do that yourself. But sometimes it's something small, like sending a copy of your book somewhere, or signing a few letters. And, you can always decline to do any part of it, and we'll move on to the next part of your project's strategy.

Absolutely. The prices shown are for a single project, a single book. However, we can adjust this for you in several ways. We can split the marketing efforts between more than one book, market them both together, or have two completely separate projects for you. Any second project would naturally cost less, as well.

Ideally, we'll have at least a few to start with. We use them as sparingly as possible, but can be more liberal, depending on how you wish us to spread them.

The same goes with digital copies; these are nicer because they cost nothing, but people still typically prefer a good, hard copy in their hands. Again, any 'freebies' are completely at your discretion, and can be limited as much as you like - even to zero free copies.