Because of the varied nature of these products, we will need to talk to you personally regarding the order you wish to make. Marketing kits need to be customized, typing doesn't get charged until the work is completed (with the total varying based on how long the book is), and other vagaries with the products on the page you just left. So please, give us a call or send us an e-mail, and one of our Customer Service Specialists will help you through the process.

It is our policy to give you what you want - so we promise that there will be no 'upselling', or any other term for trying to get you to buy something other than what you are specifically calling about. Our people are there to take your orders and get the needed information - as well as tell you how to proceed (for example, where to send your manuscript, etc); they are NOT salespeople. So call with confidence you will be getting only what you ask for.

Of course, all of our Customer Service Specialists understand all of our products, so can also help if you have any questions.

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