• Marketing Kits - Includes some basic Handouts and other material you'll want to keep handy: Business Cards, Bookmarks, and more!
  • Typing Services - From your written or typed page into any digital format required!
  • Editing Services - Our professional editors find those annoying grammatical, stylistic, or typographical errors!
  • Cover Art - Professional-grade covers at affordable prices!
  • E-Pub and Hard Copy publishing services - We handle those final steps to make your book available to your waiting public!

Marketing Kits

No matter how many books you've published - even if it's zero so far - everyone you meet is a potential reader. People won't just remember your name, your book's name, or your website just because you talked with them for a few minutes. A business card - or a bookmark - can give them something to reference when they get home, or even keep in their current book to remember their encounter with you each time they're reading. In addition, postcards and sell sheets are great means of promoting your book to people you HAVEN'T yet met - hand them out, leave them at local bookstores or other local shops, post them on the walls, wherever you can put them to publicize yourself to your local community. More tips for usage will accompany your welcome documents.

  • Business Cards ?
  • Bookmarks ?
  • Postcards ?
  • Sell Sheets ?
  • Posters ?
  • All Products designed by us at no addt'l charge, or your own design.

Typing Services

Not everyone is fast on the keyboard or comfortable with technology. For those of you who choose to write without the computer, we can type your manuscript from your handwritten, typed, or dictated copy. Our typists can read virtually any handwriting (some of them have actually worked for doctors...). All page rates are based on Courer font at 10 point size, but it can be formatted in any style you prefer.

  • --In all cases, a copy of the completed project in .doc form is e-mailed to you. A CD of the files in any format may also be requested for a small fee ($10, to cover the disc, burning, and shipping), or on a USB drive for $15.
  • --You can request the file in almost any format (including, for example, .pdf)
  • --On-the-fly editing free
  • --Our Error corrections are at no cost
  • --First set of small revisions free

Editing Services

Our professional in-house editors will handle your needs. For an hourly rate, they can look for everything, or focus their time on specific concerns, such as: typographical errors, spelling errors, grammatical errors, tense issues, stylistic concerns, and more. If you wish to have your book evaluated front to back, but are working within a strict budget, let us know and your editor will ensure that the project is done in that timeframe, catching and correcting as many errors as possible within the specified budget.

  • Professional, in-house editor
  • Find spelling errors
  • Grammatical Errors
  • Typographical Errors
  • Tips on other stylistic options
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

Cover Art

Don't judge a book by it's cover!

Sure, everyone says that... but we all know the first thing people notice on any book... and the first thing they form a judgement based on... is the cover. Sure, they'll read the synopsis, consider the author's other works, reviews that are posted... but that first impression is still vitally important. Let us help you make sure you're making the impression you want. Our talented graphic design team will give you the cover you have been imagining since the idea for your book first popped into your head. Their hand will be guided by your thoughts and directions as they create a cover to your specifications. Then, you can let the reader judge your book by its cover with confidence.

  • Different levels of customization
  • From simple picture with Text
  • To completely customized with any details you need.
  • -

E-Pub and Hard Copy Publishing

Finally, you are at the point every author works toward. Your book is finished. The rewrites, the revisions, the waking up at night with new dialogue in your head... they're over (well, until you start your next one). It's time to let the world know what you have wrought. But... uh... how does all that work, now?

Don't sweat it. Get back to doing what you love and create your next world. We will navigate the intricacies of publishing for you. We handle the formatting, layout, creating the account, and the uploading. You will, of course, maintain complete control - we just handle the actual procedural work for you.

  • Prices shown are all-inclusive, with some exceptions:
  • Does NOT include typing of original document; a viable digital copy is assumed.
  • Does NOT include editing for anything aside from proper formatting.
  • Does NOT include cover creation (but does include placement of cover)
  • -