Well, not literally. But the truth is, without publicity no one will even know your book exists - aside from your friends and family, and the two people who randomly stumble upon it on Amazon. We work to ensure that word of your book is getting out to the public. There are dozens - if not hundreds - of different ways this can be done. We evaluate your book to discern what the best options are, and form a plan around that. It's not something that happens overnight - it's a steady process, ensuring that there's continued support for your book throughout the year.

Your Book's Plan

Your Concierge will not only be your primary contact, but is also the person who evaluates your book, forming the best plan for its publicity campaign. Our Concierges have years of experience in working with authors and creating a plan that best suits their needs. They are themselves very flexible; while they ordinarily will create your project's plan with very little input from you, you are also more than welcome to provide any amount of input you care to involve yourself with.

While every book - and therefore every plan - is different, certain things are standard for every book - for example, there will always be press releases, attempts at arranging book signings, sending review copies out, etc. The difference is in where, when, or how these things are done. For example, we wouldn't send a press release or the book itself (fiction or non-fiction) to a radio show about automobiles when the book is about raising a troublesome cat - that would be completely pointless and yield no fruit - effectively a waste of time and money. Rather, all of our contacts are targeted to either general audiences or those who cater to the subject/topic of your book.

The plan is adaptable by your preferences. Some things we do are standard for all books, as mentioned above, even though targets may be different. However, even these standard procedures can be altered by you. For example, you may not want to provide ANY review copies; while we would advise against it, we are here only to serve your needs - you are the ultimate boss. We will explain the consequenses (and/or benefits) of anything you request that is not how we planned, but you are always the final decision-maker.

The Plan

Always More Than the Base Plan

While you will notice that our base packages cover such things as so many press releases sent each month, so many contacts with media, etc... there is always more than that.

No matter your package, we will be doing other things, or suggesting other things to do each month. Some avenues are such that only you can personally do them - for example, putting in a personal appearance at your local bookstore, making friends with the proprietor there. Some are such that we will provide the groundwork and have you follow up with it. In any of those sort of cases, you will be given instructions on the best way to do so. In addition, we send a monthly newsletter with all sorts of tips for generating additional market awareness for your book, which we suggest you read and consider for your own project.

In other cases, there are ideas we will pursue without anything needed from you; however, you will be consulted for approval if needed, and will be given a report on these additional outreach attempts.

Your marketing plan is more than a few letters being sent out each month, unlike what some other firms seem to think. Your plan is a dynamic, constantly evolving entity, altering to adapt to responses, new ideas, and other situations.

Web and Social Media


We will create a website for you and your book(s). In addition, if you have not already, we will create and maintain a dedicated Facebook page, Twitter account, and other social media options.

Media Contacts


Certainly one of the most popular services we provide, we see to it that various media personalities across the country are made aware of your book, and do our best to arrange interviews or appearances with these people and programs.



We send out a newsletter each month about publicity in general, with different tips, ideas, etc, as well as a personalized update on your own project, ensuring you are always in the loop with what is going on.

And More


And all of this is just scratching the surface of what we do for you and your book. There are literally hundreds of other options we have available - most of which are at no additional cost to you. These will all be evaluated monthly to be added to that months plan.

I love books. I always have. And I love people who love books - and those who make the books possible, the authors. It was my dream as a child to be a part of the process and help others.
Francis B - Company CEO